Since 2016 I've worked at Thinkful, a leading online Bootcamp school in America. I'm one of 300 amazing mentors from all over the world helping many pursue their dream of becoming part of a community of the fastest growing career in the world. It is really rewarding to help them and every minute I work with them, I too learn something. I mean the goal of a good teacher is to enable the student to teach as well. In 2017, I also headed the successful summer camp for our leading youth coders in Helsingborg, Sweden. It was called Summer Coders. We had a lot of successful results with the program including some positive press from Swedish Television, Swedish Radio, Helsingborg Dagblad. Continuing the ball rolling forward with what I've learnt these two years, I'm in the process of creating a leading offline programming course for the people of Helsingborg.


It's not only within teaching that I create opportunities. With the start of my career as a teacher, I also founded a company. Limitless Creations has been in process of specialization of creating Software as a Service and Most Viable Products apps for the web. Of course, one does never stop learning nor stop growing. In the fourth quarter of 2017, we were accepted as one of seven companies to participate with the Think Accelerate program in Helsingborg, Sweden - seeing that over one hundred companies all over Europe applied, we were very fortunate to be accepted.


In a modern place where someone is usually bombarded with information, even I can admit, it's easy to be overwhelmed both mentally and socially. So, what does one do? Some people practice meditation, or hit the gym. I make music. It's truly one of few I can be big headed and proud about. I have many musical inspirations and music styles which have influenced my music gene, it is ever evolving a clear definition of who I am as a person, friend, brother, son, and human being. One can call it a journal of my everyday struggles, woes, successes, desires or thoughts and I encourage you to go give some songs a listen - they're worth every minute! I recently created my 100th song on SoundCloud and I'm very proud of that.